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C/E320 Bone Saws


Heavy-duty – Sturdy. For meatprocessing centres and fishing industry, supermarkets and hypermarkets, butcher's shops.. Certified by CERMET Soc. Cons. a.r.l., Cadriano di Granarolo (BO). Certification number 0476 44 295 09 03. C/E 320 P: version with sliding table RELIABLE • For meat processing centres and fishing industry, supermarkets and hypermarkets. • stainless steel structure and casing • Column on the right side. Large working surface. Wide and deep cut. • Smooth surfaces, no dirt traps • Easy cleaning and maintenance operations; work surfaces and slice gauge, scrapers and pullies can be removed without using tools, removable doors S/S scrap pans • Stainless steel pulleys • Blade tightening device with friction brake • Continous service motor. Electrical mechanicl brake • N.V.R. low tension (24V) safety device, with start, brake release,emergency stop button • Stop safety limit switch in door

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